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    Default Lake Thingvallavatn??

    Anybody been to Lake Thingvallavatn in Iceland? I might be going in May.....depending on a few variables!!

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    Default Re: Lake Thingvallavatn??

    Yes I've been. Unless you're fishing the ION beats, which is mega bucks, I wouldn't bother. The fishing is incredibly difficult elsewhere.
    Fundamentally fishing is a philosophy. A philosophy of earth, and growth, and quiet places. In it there is a rule of life, a recognition of permanences. It makes you notice the little things of nature, wherever you may be. ~Bernard Venables

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    Another forum member, munichnative, gave it a go and wrote a nice account of his trip, check it oot
    Musha rig um du rum da

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    Yes, the ION beats fortunately.....any info anyone? I know these things have a tendency to be over egged, so accounts of personal experience would be great if possible! Thanks.

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    Hi Guys

    Yes I was there last year. Since 1st till 6th May and it was .....amazing. We have been fishing in very hard conditions for the first three days, but the first fish I caught was 92 cm Monster. Every day we had giant trouts on a hooks. of course it is a hard work but ... On 3th May we caught all togheter (4 flyfishermen) 42 Trouts , the biggest was 93 cm. It was not on The ION pool. ION is simple to expensive. We bought some licences by FISH PARTNER ICELAND ( Karastadir pool, Black Cliffs pool, Villingavatn pool) or we fished simple for a cheap money in National Park Thingvellir. If you want to catch a Trout of a dreams it is the best destination. This year we start on 24 th April. Maybe a little bit to early , but who knows :-). If you are casting well, don't worry , yuo will catch a Monster. take a look to the pictures. It's not a joke.
    Greetings from Poland
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