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Thread: Dever springs

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    Default Dever springs

    Hey guys

    Any tips on tactics and flies to use at Dever hoping for a PB

    Do they allow boobies there, canít see anything said on the website, will ask on the day but trying to prepare

    Any infor greatly received

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    Every time I've been either a BFD or Cat's Whisker has caught. I don't think the fish in Dever are hugely fussy, most of them are only in there a few days.


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    Default Re: Dever springs


    How was your day at Dever? I am going up tomorrow for the first time but a bit apprehensive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JayApplin View Post

    How was your day at Dever? I am going up tomorrow for the first time but a bit apprehensive.
    Sorry for jumping in, but I fish Dever regularly and thought I could help.

    There are two lakes, and broadly the same fish are in each. The big lake fishes best from the far end from the hut, and the small lake is pretty consistent throughout, although recently the narrow end furthest from the entrance has been best.

    The past winter has been fantastic for big (and I do mean big) brownies of up to and over 20lb. there are still a good few in the lakes, but they will NOT be easy. In my experience the best bet for a brownie is in the narrow end of the small lake, or under the weeping willow at the far end., alternatively the large lake has produced them from around the aerator or by the inflow, although the biggest brown I saw there was in a swim on the river side of the large lake near the willow. That fish is still in there.

    Flies? ¬Ė I usually fish heavy ¬Ďdamsels¬í and stalking bugs on a floating line. Contrary to what has been said the fish can be incredibly ¬Ďfussy¬í and you may need to try a few patterns until you get it right.

    I am not sure what the water clarity is like this week, but stick to the above, and you should be OK. Yes, Dever is a put and take stockie lake, but it can be infuriating chasing those monster browns. Hook one though, and it’s all worth while.


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