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    Default Trip to Monatana

    Is anyone interested in a trip to Montana in 2019?

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    Default Re: Trip to Monatana

    Somewhere I've always wanted to fish but (as yet) haven't so in answer to your question, yes (potentially)!

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    Default Re: Trip to Monatana

    I'm sorry I could not resist

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    Default Re: Trip to Monatana

    Do you have a plan?

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    Default Re: Trip to Monatana

    Which bit of Montana? It’s a big place.

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    Default Re: Trip to Monatana

    I could be interested but know nothing about the rivers. Is it wading or raft fishing? Am not keen on the latter.
    Best wishes

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    Default Re: Trip to Monatana

    The upper Madison and all the good bits (upper and canyon sections) of the Gallatin are wading only.

    Best time is July if you like dry fly fishing to rising fish.

    If you’ve never been before I’d recommend getting a guide for 2 days as they’ll show you where the good places are to fish and what setups/flies work. They’re expensive (and likely more expensive after Brexit) but worth it.

    The Yellowstone’s a big river outside the park and you reallly need to fish from a boat.

    Inside Yellowstone Park there are endlessa places, the best of which require at least a good walk, if not an overnight camp. The park gets busy and pressured around the accessible bits. I’m not brave or experienced enough to overnight in the back country.

    The spring creeks south of Livingstone are just like chalk streams - and similarly expensive. You need to take your ‘A’ game if you go.

    The ranch section of Henry’s Fork at Last Chance in Idaho is the most technically challenging sight fishing I can imagine. You can really say you’re a top class fisherperson if you can hook a 20+ inch brown there. Free access but expensive accommodation.

    If anyone’s at Campfire Lodge on the Madison the first week in July we could chat over pancakes, syrup and coffee(the fisherman’s breakfast of champions)

    I love it out there.

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    Default Re: Trip to Monatana

    Sorry for the delay in reply, it'd be around the Big Hole, Rock Creek & Bitteroot. Plus a few little unknown creeks. So mostly SW Montana. Most of the fishing would be wade fishing, i have access to a drift boat. But i mainly use that to reach sections that aren't so accessible. There's lots of places out there that haven't been discovered yet, most people when they think of Montana is the Big Horn, Yellowstone, Maddison and Missouri.

    I normally try and avoid the Maddison it's far too busy and the fishing is not that good, compared to other rivers in the area. I've been fortunate for the last 4 years to spend 100 plus days out

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