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    Default Re: Cayo Coco - Cayo Cruz Report November 2018

    Ha ha. I know what you mean😀
    By 5pm I'm quite happy to head back for pizzas and cold beer. Plus light levels are too low for sighting fish.
    The Torture brings back memories😀
    How was Cayo Margo. I am wondering how it compares to Cayo Cruz.

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    Default Re: Cayo Coco - Cayo Cruz Report November 2018

    I stayed at the old sugar plantation house in brasil.
    I was the only angler there for the week, and still managed a bar bill of about 160 cuc.
    spent every night talking to elian the barman and the chef who only had one meal to cook every night.
    that's probably how I spent so much....shall we have another round its only 10pm
    is the hotel next to the marina still not ready?
    fished cayo santa maria last month aswell as paredon.
    cayo santa maria. 10minutes in a taxi and your at the marina.
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    Default Re: Cayo Coco - Cayo Cruz Report November 2018

    Struggling to see the images, ceramic. Brasil must have been interesting. Wish i could have stayed there. At least the hotel I stayed at in Coco was all inclusive...Bucanero on tap and a fridge stuffed with beer in the room. Discovered Daqueri for the first time😀
    Looking at the current stage of construction of the hotel, I would say late summer/Autumn next year is realistic. They are talking about opening a small section of the hotel for anglers to begin with. Even that would probably take until summer.
    How was Santa Maria. Is in not primarily a Tarpon venue? How was it(in absence of pics&#128512. Have you fished Cayo Largo? They reckon the bones are even bigger there than Romano/Cruz!

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    Default Re: Cayo Coco - Cayo Cruz Report November 2018

    Brazil hotel was interesting...a lovely place apart from...

    Showers that electrocuted you and consistently terrible food. One year we had the same meat (?) three days running. After that we made the guides take lunch at a blue hole and we would catch a few snappers/grouper and take them back to the hotel and demand that they cooked us fresh fish.

    Bar was okay though and some of the night time visitors quite amusing.

    Then there was the hour long journey to the dock, complete with rickety bridges etc etc.

    The new hotel at Cayo Cruz will make life easy, but is sad to see for those of us who fished there prior to the start of the building works. It was a wilderness.

    I guess you call it progress and I do appreciate the Cuban need for foreign visitors.

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    Default Re: Cayo Coco - Cayo Cruz Report November 2018

    Yep, progress on these cayo's does come slowly, but at a cost.
    I remember when there was only two hotels on guillermo!

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    Default Re: Cayo Coco - Cayo Cruz Report November 2018

    Yes, a shame to see a wilderness being tamed. Some of the best flats we poled were in sight of the far away hotels under construction, a long distance from the marina. In a few years people will probably be walking the beach. The feeling of seclusion will have gone.
    Christ, the food at Brasil sounds even worse than the Mojito! At least the **** grub will keep the yanks awY😀

    - - - Updated - - -

    True! I'm glad I had the chance to appreciate the area before it gets completely developed. Couldn't believe how many hotels are under construction. I wonder how Avalon will patrol all those miles of beach!

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