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    Default Loch Watten - Caithness


    I'm looking to go to Caithness to fish Loch Watten and some of the other Lochs round about. Will a 10ft / 7 rod be ok or would I be better with a 6 weight?

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    7wt will be adequate but a lighter one would be preferable imo. My preference is 9' 5wt for dries, 10' 6 wt for wets, with the 6wt being the alrounder that will do everything I need it to do.

    When are you planning to go? My experience in recent years of Watten later in the season has been water the colour and consistency of mint sauce although that may not always be the case and fish have still been caught. Plenty other waters also worth the effort. There are others here more local who may be able to provide up to date advice.

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    I would plump for Calder just up the road, I was seriously disappointed with watten But it may have been the time of year, easker1

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    As collie dog points out Watten does have a funny colour about it, and the catch returns from the local club show it is not fishing like it used to. The old hall end gets clogged up with weed soon, fishing is easier towards Watten. I fished it about a week ago after a blow and the water was completely turbid, the one fish I caught could only be seen in the water about 18" from the net. On the upside the general size of fish seems better; 3 and 4lb fish are becoming a regular thing.
    Calder is a deeper loch where the water stays clear. I like it, but half the time I get out of the boat and fish the 20yds by the bank. There is one shallow bay that fishes all the way across to the left of the boats.
    Some of the lochs are un fishable now because of weed, and some are harder than others. If you give me an idea of where you are thinking of I'll try and point you in the right direction.

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