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    Default Alaska Kenai Peninsula to Anchorage area

    So it looks like we'll be in Alaska next june / july. We'll be arriving by sea at Seward in the Kenia Peninsula for a week or so making our way towards Anchorage.

    Currently have carte blanche so I'm wondering what fly fishing options there are in this part of the world?

    Have any of you guys been? Do you have any info tips, guide recommendations etc?

    Any info would be gratefully received.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Alaska Kenai Peninsula to Anchorage area

    I have been on 13 fishing trips to Alaska and this year went down the Kenai just to remind myself why I spend a lot of money getting as far away from the place as possible. Get off the boat in Seward and pop into the local tackle store. You'll find advice for fishing the charmingly named "Culvert by the RV Park" where you can snag - deliberately foul hook - salmon. The store sells the requisite large treble with a ball of lead around the shank. If you don't want to invest you can go the Culvert where the guy at the Snagin' Wag'n will rent you the tackle from the back of his van.
    When salmon are running the Kenai River you will encounter shoulder-to-shoulder combat fishing. You will see people carrying fly rods but they are basically trying to snag the salmon.
    Further south at Homer there is a terminal fishery where, at certain times of the year, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game encourages you to snag salmon.
    You could try the Anchor River, just north of Homer, possibly for silver salmon. There at least anglers attempt to catch fish by conventional means.
    If you have got the time and wheels you could drive about 80 miles north of Anchorage where the Parks Highway crosses several clear water tributaries of the Susitna. Willow and Montana Creeks can be fished near the bridges but if there are salmon running expect crowds.
    If you have the dollars you might try a day's guided fishing on the Deshka.
    If you have a lot of dollars you could fly from the Kenai area to some of the remote streams on the far side of the Cook Inlet.
    The more bucks you can blow the better the angling experience.
    Sorry for being so downbeat. If I can be of any help, let me know.

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