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Thread: Iceland Trout

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    Quote Originally Posted by lhomme View Post
    Fly in, rent a car, buy a fishing licence and a good map. Take your time, on a DIY basis that is the most important, talk to locals, they'll be able to give you precise information based on actual circumstances. Things do change from year to year. If you don't have the time I suggest you go with a local guide or outfitter. You can buy weekly or monthly licences in most banks or post offices.
    Not really

    You don't rent a car on Greenland. There are no roads to the rivers! Instead you hike. Or you use a fatbike. Or you ask someone with a good boat to bring you to the rivermouth. We used packrafts and paddled from rivermouth to rivermouth along the fjords.

    You do the fishing permit in Greenland, if you're smart. I made the mistake to do it in Belgium, by bank transfer. It was 46 GBP for 1 week + 60 GBP for the bank transfer. Outrageous. If you pay it in Greenland, then it's 70 GBP.

    Biggest danger are lost/hungry polar bears and rabid polar foxes!

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    Quote Originally Posted by docsalmo View Post
    Not really !
    I did wonder after looking on Google earth I couldn't see any and with so many inlets roads wouldn't be practical.

    That's a great video doc , what an adventure! I will drop you a line for some information .

    Cheers Colin

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    on your distinguished road?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shad View Post
    I did wonder after looking on Google earth I couldn't see any and with so many inlets roads wouldn't be practical.

    That's a great video doc , what an adventure! I will drop you a line for some information .

    Cheers Colin
    Greenland is huge and you might spend days on google earth looking for something if you don't know where to look. Docsalmo is right in saying remote areas need other forms of transportation, it's only when you become old you realise age is a decisive factor when planning your own adventure and you find accessible regions and settlements where the fishing is done practically at your doorstep and you're spoilt for choice within hiking distance. Where even a road and a 4x4 rental makes things less tiring and more comfortable, it's all down to priorities and personal preference. Both types of fishing are available, but as I said things change and more rapidly in the most accessible places, I bet the roads get longer, too. For all I care you can hire a helicopter to drop you where you want, it is however not a necessity to enjoy a satisfying fishing trip and shouldn't discourage the more elderly adventurers, who favour a nice meal and a soft bed after a good days fishing over a fortnight stay on the open tundra.
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    Johan Janssens

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    4x4 is really not an option in Greenland. 99.9% of the rivers are only accessible by boat transfer, hike, MTB/fatbike or helicopter. Most people do it by boat and go to one of the fishing camps or have their own tents.

    There are just a few of "concession rivers" (less than 10) in all of Greenland. Here a special license is needed. Mostly the ones that have a fishing camp. There are some rivers where fishing is not allowed anymore (like in Paradise Valley). All the rest (hundreds of rivers) can be fished with the regulare state fishing license that I mentioned before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lhomme View Post
    Greenland is huge and you might spend days on google earth looking for something if you don't know where to look
    Not really , just look at the major settlements and airports and it's clear the roads don't go far .

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    Quote Originally Posted by sindrih View Post
    Full disclosure, I work for Fish Partner so not unbisaed.

    April Through June, early July maybe (depending on weather) and then again August-September is best for the big browns. June and throughout the summer has the benefit of having good Char fishing if the browns are slow that day.
    7-8 weight, plenty of backing. Good selection of streamers that imidate arctic char and sticklebacks, if you go later then mid May bring plenty of Caddis and Midge imitations too, both dry and nymph.

    The ION website seems to have crashed recently and they havent gotten it back up and running but I know you can reach them through there facebook Ion Fishing - Home | Facebook

    Or just go through us Fly Fishing in Iceland - Fish Partner - Fishing Tours - Trout,Salmon,Char
    Thanks Sindrih,

    I actually ended up booking with fishpartner towards then end of June with a mix of brown trout and char fishing.

    Greenland looks awesome for Char, maybe another time. I fancy fortress lake or Labrador for brookies next.

    Cheers for the replies (forgot I started the thread)


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    How realistic a threat are polar bears in Greenland? Note the talk of sleeping in tents... I've camped in tents in grizzly country and believe polar bears to be even more aggressive. What precautions do you take?

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    About polar bears. You ask around (in the village before you go out to a river or at a farm) if there have been sightings of polar bears. Yes, they are very aggressive. We were in an area where there haven't been a lot of encounters, historically. But in recent years the numbers are going up because of climate change. Polar bears get on ice bergs in the east of Greenland and then the ocean currents bring them to the south. By then they are hungry and in a bad mood! So you really don't want to encounter them. We stayed close to sheep herds, hoping that a hungry polar bear would rather eat a sheep than us.

    A much bigger problem in Greenland are rabid polar foxes. It can be epidemic like in 2016 and 2017! These foxes are not afraid of humans when they are sick. Friends of mine used heavy slingshots to keep them away. When I was there in 2018, the epidemic was over.

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    Hi Colin. Am off to Iceland this August. Not a fishing holiday but will get to fish. Heard it can be very expensive. Hoping to get a recommendation by someone who knows someone who.. etc. Knocking on farmers doors sounds a poss solution.
    Any tips on flies , tippet poundage
    Etc? Many regards Callum

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    I only just noticed your post , I will help as much as possible.

    If your fishing for more than a couple days the iceland fishing card is a great buy for 50 it gives you access to over 30 waters .
    The Fishing Card However if you dont have that much time I have some spots close to Reykjavik where you can buy day tickets .

    You will need a car and the bad news is that the rental price goes up in august due to demand.

    Keep your gear and flies simple 6-7 rod and floating line 7-10lb tippet covers most trout and char fishing.Flies again dont need to be fancy , gold heads work very well for char , I also use a humungous a lot for trout and some black dries pretty much have it covered .

    PM me and I will help where I can with fishing and money saving travel tips.

    Cheers Colin

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