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    So we have just booked a cruise for December 2020. Looking at the itinerary and wondering if I can shoe horn a bit of bone fishing , or indeed any fly fishing into one of the day when boat is in port a long day . They are :

    Particularly ...Aruba / Curacao

    And : St Lucia and Roadtown BV islands

    Any advice /tips / Experience most welcome trying to get fishing at the other 8 islands will be pushing my luck . I like the look of the ABC islands but Bonaire is to short a day in port .

    O M W
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    Hi O M W

    I have fished in many different locations.
    I have fished on a lot of different islands in the Bahamas but in the Caribbean only Cuba, Puerto Rico and Los Roques. I have visited other islands as a tourist.

    I must say that I think you will find it difficult locating bone fish on islands that are well populated and the idea of somewhere near a cruise ship dock is going to be highly unlikely.
    In general people and bonefish do not go well together.

    In my experience when there is a town the locals tend to net everything and there are little to no fish around.

    Sorry that I can't give you much help.


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    Health warning: Second-hand info below gleaned from the internet while daydreaming at work...

    I've not been to the destinations you mention, but went to Guadeloupe at the start of the year which doesn't have much of a reputation as a flats venue and still saw bones and permit almost every day. That said, the fishing was tough but an 8lb bone and a first atlantic permit meant I still went home with a smile.

    I think if you manage your expectations to just enjoying standing on a flat in the tropics with a rod and count seeing/casting to/catching fish as a bonus you'll be fine!

    BVI sounds the most likely option:
    Fisherman's Coast
    The British Virgin Islands have a variety of fishing opportunities similar to those on St. John, but with the advantage that the BVI fish donít see nearly as many anglers. There are seagrass flats and backreef rubble flats spread throughout the BVI, all of which can hold bonefish or permit at the right times. Islands Iíve fished are Tortola, Beef Island (near the airport), and Anegada. (Side note Ė because of the fill used to make long enough runways on many Caribbean islands, there are often good flats near the airports). The cut between Beef Island and Tortola has some small but very good flats, especially on rising tides, and the channel can hold tarpon at times.

    Also found this:
    Salt Water Sportsman

    Though looking at Google Maps (Google Maps) I can't see an obvious flat north of the bridge but the ones to the south look interesting.

    I think there might be a guide or two around Tortola so might be worth a google search and sending some emails. If you're time-limited then the biggest hurdle is usually access - seeing a nice flat on google earth but then finding impenetrable jungle or private property blocking you from it is really annoying - worth a good search around with streetview and the photos option in google maps.

    In the words of (I think) Ray Montoya "F*ck it, just go and see what happens"
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    Quote Originally Posted by haddock78 View Post
    Health warning: Second-hand info below gleaned from the internet while daydreaming at work...

    In the words of (I think) Ray Montoya "F*ck it, just go and see what happens"
    Exactly my thoughts but it always pays to ask on these forums . Already had a response from a guide that means a potential trip on the ABC islands could be on. but yes what ever happens my faithful old sage SP 8wt 5 piece will be in the case with my battered Gilmore X400 and a spinning rod and reel . Long time yet to plan things but thanks for the input .

    O M W

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