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    Default Go Fishing Worldwide

    Go Fishing Worldwide’s website features freshwater and saltwater fishing around the world, which we hope will entice you to travel with us soon. Our programme now offers an even greater variety of experiences for angling enthusiasts as well as catering for non-fishing companions with a wider range of other exciting activities.

    Hosted Groups
    Each year Go Fishing Worldwide operates a number of hosted groups to some of the best destinations. Your well travelled host will be able to answer all those questions you are bound to have and will improve your casting, offer that tip or special fly that may make all the difference when the fish just don't seem to be interested! If being a single traveller is holding you back from that once in a life time trip or you wish to try a new destination, take a look at our Hosted Trip programme.

    Our hosts include Charles Jardine, David Grove, Mark Bowler, Stevie Munn, Ian Hockley and David Wolsoncroft Dodds.

    Our Holidays
    Go Fishing Worldwide can arrange freshwater and saltwater fishing holidays to many locations around the world. We will advise and/or tailor any holiday to your requirements to ensure you have a successful trip. Most holidays include:

    • Fishing
    • Guiding
    • Car Hire (where required)

    International flights are not included but we can arrange these for you if required.

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    Most holidays include:
    The marketing team are on the ball I see
    Musha rig um du rum da

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