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    Default Fly fishing in Asturias Spain

    Good day to you all
    I will be visiting my daughter who lives in Faedo, Asturias in spain during June and July. i have been looking at the net for info but could not really find what i was looking for. Does anybody know the area?
    What sort of tackle should I take along? I am thinking of taking my 3 weight and a 7 weight rods with floating lines. i will also be taking a five weight to give to my grandson.
    What type of flies will work best there?
    Will i be allowed to take some fly tying materials into spain?
    Any advice will help.

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    Default Re: Fly fishing in Asturias Spain

    if you search in the search box there are loads bits about fishing inland and salt water

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    Default Re: Fly fishing in Asturias Spain

    I'm not sure if they're any good or not, but a fella called Philip Pembroke has written a series of books, "The Smooth Guide To.........." about fly fishing in Spain. I believe there's one on Asturias and I seem to remember not so expensive.
    I'm told the bureaucracy is difficult to get round unless you have a fluent Spanish speaker on board, and that the fishing is in beautiful areas, but difficult. Not such a bad thing.
    Somewhere in the recesses of my mind, i'm remembering a fly shop in Leon; is that in Asturias?
    Good luck.

    p.s Ha! underneath this thread a post appears by Philip Pembroke in the box "Similar Threads"
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    Default Re: Fly fishing in Asturias Spain

    Unfortunately Leon isn't in Asturias.. it is in the Castilla y Leon province, just South of Asturias.

    There is salmon, trout and sea trout fishing in Asturias.. There isn't much on the web about it but have a look here: Guided Fly Fishing in Northern Spain with PescaTravel

    you shouldn't have any problems bringing fly tying materials into Spain as long as they are in their original packs (fur and feathers.. all other material should be fine). If I am not mistaken you are actually closer to Leon than most Asturias cities in Faedo so that might be an option.

    I have found info from this guide in Asturias, it might be worth getting in touch:


    Correo electrónico

    Another option is to touch base with Maxia Rods, they are based in Asturias and will know the area well.
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