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Thread: Dyeing squirmy

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    Default Dyeing squirmy

    I have heard it is possible to dye the stuff, has anyone had any success and what method?

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    Not heard that Jeff, but if you have plenty of it to perhaps waste, it might be worth a try. yYou would have to do it cold, which could involve soaking it for hours or more & the choice of dye & fixer might be critical, so perhaps an acid dye might not be the 1st choice ? How long it would last, in comparisson to the factory produced stuff is 1 question & would it still retain its "squirmy" properties etc is another. Be interesting to know how you, or for that matter anybody else gets on with this.

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    Thanks John, I have just managed to dye some a nice dark olive for damsel nymph using some old tintex dye reinforced with a lot of salt and a little detergent as a wetting agent bring to the boil and then soaking for 3 days. Looks and feels not know how durable yet!

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