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    Default Bleaching before dying

    Does anyone bother to bleach already white saddles before dying. I`ve got myself some white strung type saddles for dying and whilst generally pure white , there are some feathers that have a " creamy" hue. Is it worth the bother to bleach these along with the whole saddle / does anyone do this? Or, if I do not pre bleach, should I just accept that this will impart a slight variation in colour to some of the feathers after dying?

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    no I just make sure they are degreased,a good shampoo does it, and I use a hair conditioner after wards,you can bleach the capes in sunlight but it takes time, easker1

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    For the amount of "faffing" it will take & the likelyhood of it not being a. successful. b.wasting your time/chemicals etc & c, possibly ruining the feathers anyway - as strung hackles tend to be a lot softer, d. the difference in colour will be so minimal, you're unlikely to see it (easily,at least)

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