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    Default Fish Legal warns Teifi polluter to expect a claim for damages

    Issued by the Angling Trust:

    Pencefn Feeds Ltd, the owner of the anaerobic digestor responsible for the davastating pollution on the river Teifi in 2016 which killed tens of thousands of fish, has been warned to expect a claim for damages by local angling groups.


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    Default Re: Fish Legal warns Teifi polluter to expect a claim for damages

    Other business should be able to claim as well, for indirect loss of earnings.
    I had been looking for somewhere to stay, accommodation, nice garden, on a river with it’s own fishing. I’d just found somewhere on the Teifi that I was planning on booking for later in the year, about a week later and before I had got around to booking I read about the pollution incident.
    So, they ended up with no booking.
    I should imagine a number of accommodation providers ideally situated for the river were and still are impacted

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    Default Re: Fish Legal warns Teifi polluter to expect a claim for damages

    As long as they don't try to claim the fish as "theirs" then they should have a good case. Loss of amenity is a good one to go for. A local fishery on the upper Kennet several years ago was plagued by an escape of 6" rainbows. They took the fish farmer to a civil court and were awarded 10,000 in damages for loss of amenity. 10 grand in 1985 is going to be worth at least 5 times that now to put things in perspective.

    The fish farmer went out of business shortly afterwards.

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