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Thread: just an Idea.

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    Default just an Idea.

    Here's an Idea.Everybody has different Friends.If you think that fake Salmon(farmed) Is bad for you(as it is) send a message/email to your friends telling them the truth,that it is bad for them.That should soon get the message out there.
    Thanks for reading.

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    Default Re: just an Idea.

    Always did this, Jim, stopped eating farmed salmon 30 years ago. Refused to eat it anywhere it was presented to me and told everyone the horrific story of their coloured food whilst they put it in their mouths. No wonder I was often seen as a party pooper, but I convinced many children and adults along the way, inside and outside of my classes. Stopped eating tuna too when they became endangered, never ate it again, till this day.
    Johan Janssens

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    Default Re: just an Idea.

    Like Johan Iíve ruined many a personís meal by telling them of how their meal was raised. The levels of PCBís in the meat, the horrific physical condition of the fish, the artificial coloring and the damage to the environment. Iíd like to think Iíve converted a few over the years but...
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    Default Re: just an Idea.

    I think that the message is starting to get through. Surprising how many now question whether to eat farmed salmon. But also surprising how many anglers are happy to still eat farmed salmon - I was flabbergasted at my clubís AGM meal that so many were happy to eat it.
    It's a paycheck, Jack.

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