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    Default Re: Norton Fishery, Essex

    I went to Norton Trout Fishery on Friday (14th June) afternoon. The wind wasn't on my side but still had a great few hours fishing. Managed to land a nice 3lb 9oz rainbow on a spent mayfly in between the 25mph+ gusts. Whenever the wind died down there was plenty of hatches and fish activity.

    Bert the owner gave some advice on what people was catching on which was a great help.

    Unfortunately for Bert his net full of one pounder stockies was attacked by a mink/otter so there was plenty of little ones about.........they are super fast but great fun on the dry fly.

    I've been fishing this venue for the last year and half and would recommend it and it's a troutmasters water too

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    Default Re: Norton Fishery, Essex

    Having just got back into fishing and noticing that so many of the places I used to fish are no longer in business I feel it's important to support our nearest fisheries.

    With this in mind I decided to try this place out. So I was there last week, I decided on a 6 hour ticket. It was a brighter day than forecast and there were plenty of fish showing. There are coarse fish in the lake, some big carp showing but to start I didn't see many trout so I suspected they were sitting fairly deep. The lady told me that the far bank was where they fish would be as that is where the lake is deepest.

    Whilst making the place more attractive the trees and bushes around the fishing platforms make casting a challenge, especially when you are fishing with droppers. I was fishing with a small damsel nymph on the point with various buzzers on the dropper and managed to catch one fish. Unfortunately it was a small rudd.

    Perhaps I should have chosen my 6 hours more wisely. I had to finish around 5.30pm when it was clear that the best fishing to be had was going to be a little later, my mistake. On my last cast, from the point where the boat is moored, my damsel was bitten very aggressively by what felt like a good fish and was lost.

    This was enough to encourage me to go back but I think it'll be a sporting ticket for me, and I'll make sure I have the right flies in my box.
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    Default Re: Norton Fishery, Essex

    I had a very interesting session at Norton Fishery.

    Managed to catch a 3lb Rainbow, but lost four other fish!

    The lake was stocked a couple weeks ago and the fish are making their presence felt.

    Cats whiskers seemed to be the preferred method and everybody who was there had plenty of fish.

    Shame they close on a Monday as it's my day off every second week!

    Looking forward to going back later this week.


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