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    Escargots anyone? Love snails both the land and marine version both of which cost a pretty penny in restaurants! Let’s also applaud the man who first ate an oyster raw and still alive. In the eyes of other cultures we also eat some unusual foods such as Hostess Twinkies! I tried fried crickets a few years ago and aside from the crunch they really didn’t have much flavour to them until I added some chilli powder.
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    Snails deffo, I've tried a couple of species, the bog standard edible snail or Roman snail Helix pomatia when I worked in France. They're delicious baked with a garlic paste, a farmer I knew collected them and kept them in something like a rabbit hutch, feeding them with pasta for a week to clean them out. The others I tried were in an off the beaten track place in Portugal, milk snails, Otala Lactea I reckon. They were served boiled without flavouring other than salt and pepper. I ordered a stack by mistake and struggled to get through them much to the amusement of the bar, the first few were okay but slogging through the rest to save face was pretty grim. Good article here.
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    Back to the original Sainsbury post, have they developed a pick-&-mix section yet?
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