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    Default Giant flying ant?

    I've just got back from a fishing trip to the Derbyshire Derwent. I noticed there were a few very large flies on the surface and one drifted quite close to me. The only way I can describe it was like a giant black flying ant. Large wings, possibly four of them with two black blobs for a body (or two flies joined together at the abdomen?). Does anyone know what it was? I couldn't find anything like it in my books. I'm surprised the fish didn't go for what looked like a tasty meal. Then again, there were a few large dark olives that also got no attention. It's almost as though the fish have forgotten to look up for food.

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    Bibio?, Tipula Hortulanus , possibly, not unusual to see them joined and on the water. It does seem a little early but then most things do this year.

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    Many thanks. Not sure. The pictures on the internet shows a long abdomen. If it were two flies together, the abdomen was much shorter and fatter, like two shiny black balls. The wing length also looked longer, nearer 1.5cm (it says about 1cm for bibio on the internet). They stood out very clearly nearly 40ft away across the river, as striking as an up-winged mayfly!

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    Default Re: Giant flying ant?


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