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Thread: Yellow Caddis

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    Yet to identify, a vivid yellow sedge from Llyn Berwyn ( blanked, first time ever...).
    Watching this one hatch was the highpoint of the day. The lake has dark peaty water, how an insect which contrasts so vividly with its surroundings can survive is beyond me, it has a huge disadvantage, still, Trichoptera been around for a couple of million years as a family, presumably the hatches were so immense back in the day that the colouration was not a primary factor in their evolution, these days, at the end of abundance, let alone super abundance, this species looks like it's in for a hammering.

    The abdomen, which I should have photographed, was green, the rest, as the images show were bright yellow, the larva, which swam in the surface film for a minute or so making a disturbance was extremely visible.
    Musha rig um du rum da

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    Don't worry, be happy.
    Carried it in full, then carry it out empty.

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    It looks like it's one of the Limnephilinae species; mabe Rhadicoleptus alpestris which has a greyish yellow fore wing with pale patches.

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