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Thread: Dragonfly.

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    You’ve never been right since Col...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wee Jimmy View Post
    You’ve never been right since Col...
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    Quote Originally Posted by wingman View Post
    I thought this might interest some of the entomologists on the forum. I was driving along in my van with the window down about 4 inches when this critter flew through the gap and hit me in the face. I wasn't sure what the heck it was as I was to busy trying to stay on the road but I knew it was a big insecty thing. Anyway I think it's a Southern Hawker Dragonfly female but I'm sure someone will verify this. Wonderful looking creature to say the least and I let it off down by the river near my house at which point it flew to over 50 feet in the air in a matter of seconds. I think it was love at first sight so I was sad to see her go.

    Nice pic. Coincidentally a gold ringed dragonfly flew into the kitchen last week, massive thing, part of a parade of wildlife going through the place currently. They are amazing things at close quarters, quite noisy indoors too, the wings make a distinctive rustling sound.
    Musha rig um du rum da

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    It looks like it has a male clasper on its tail as opposed to the more pointed ovipositor.

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    Aeshna Cyanea, Rare up here , But they prey on Magpie moths, leaving swaithes of wings round the loch sides,I watched a Gold ring D/fly nymph crawl out of a loch and go through the process of becoming a flier, lovely name of Cordulegaster Boltonii,I spend a bit of time watching them during the summer , this year was a poor year for D/flies, easker1

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