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Thread: Albino slug

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    Default Albino slug

    I found this little thing stuck on my garden fence this morning, I've seen creamy white slugs in the garden before but it's the first time I've ever seen a slug so white in colour, a quick Google search came up with "albino" pure white banana slug, any ideas lad's?

    Albino slug-dsc_1160-jpg


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    That's the ghost slug, Selenochlamys ysbryda First found in Wales (hurrah) in 2004, ysbryd being the Welsh for ghost

    Selenochlamys ysbryda - Wikipedia
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    Default Re: Albino slug

    Hi', I haven't seen an albino slug; but have a few shots of an albino frog taken while it was part of the annual spawning orgy in our garden pond. I have not heard of one before; but have not checked online. Maybe, I'll see a few albino frogs next spring?? TC
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