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    Default The cricket yesterday

    Not Ben Stokes amazing performance but an Oak Bush-cricket, Meconema thalassinum, usually nocturnal but cheerfully strolling around the flower bed on a hot day in central Cardiff, 31C on the patio yesterday.
    Unusual among Bush-crickets for its carnivorous diet. Haven't seen one in the garden before, surprising what's there on the doorstep.

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    Default Re: The cricket yesterday

    i hear a lot of activity in the field by the river its a sound i cant write
    so are they crickets or grasshoppers? i was told when i was young there grasshoppers rubbing off the grass
    or are they locust i can never seem to catch them in the high grass as everytime i get close they stop or move some where else
    in the same area the field next door theirs tons of ladybirds also every year
    do trout eat these ?Ladybirds are brightly coloured, warning predators of their bitter taste,. i can envisage them been blown on the water in a northely wind
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    Default Re: The cricket yesterday

    Crickets make their sound by rubbing their wings together, grasshoppers by rubbing one hind leg against a wing case

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