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Thread: Entomology book

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    Evening folks,

    As its coming near Christmas time, am looking to get a book for my elderly grandfather, unfortunately due to ill heath he doesn't get out much, but loves his books and reading.

    Obviously looking for a book that covers the beasties what can be found on and around the river/lochs.... had a few searches on the web, but looking for a more expert opinion on the best books on the market.

    kind regards.
    Happy hunting!

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    I have a few books that cover different aspects but this book should cover everything

    The Royal Entomological Society Book of British Insects | Royal Entomological Society
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    Colins guide to the Insects of Gt Britain and Europe, easker1

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    Anglers entomology is a terrific book for fishermen.

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    Thanks for the help folks, got one ordered!

    Kind regards!
    Happy hunting!

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