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    can anyone =give me advice as to whether it is possible to fly fishing in Antigua, locations, equipment needed would be most helpful as there for 2 weeks at the end of Feb 2014.

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    I was there a couple of weeks ago, and it is certainly possible, and good if you have the time to explore.

    I was staying at Galley Bay, which has it's own lagoon, with a good amount of baby tarpon up to about 20lb, and also some snook. Fly fishing is tough because the water is shallow and the lagoon is quite weedy, but with a small (3") unweighted white fry imitation you would do well in the morning from about 6:30am. I am not sure if visitors can fish it so depends on where you are staying, but it was fun for an hour in the mornings.

    Outside of that, Darkwood Beach has a lagoon behind it with lots of Tarpon possibilities and better water. Tilapia is the main food source for the Tarpon, so bigger fry imitations are needed. The water is a bit deeper and less weedy so whilst you can access some bits without issue, you would need to be careful of wading everywhere.

    Just down from Darkwood, is Urlings Village which has a couple of areas of flats accessible from the beach, with Permit coming in on the tide, but they can be a bit sparse (we only saw one in 6 hours)

    Either of these can fished with a guide or solo. I went with Nick Williams (Antigua Nick) who charged $US250 for a half day, and knew the water very well. He also does float tubing on the lagoon at Darkwood.

    Other than that there are some flats on the north side of the island with bonefish, but the prevailing easterly wind can supposedly play havoc coming as it does over your right shoulder.

    All beaches are public so anywhere with a rocky outcrop will hold snapper, jacks etc.

    There is really nothing on fly fishing over there, so it is either a guide (pretty much Nick being the only one), or you are on your own.

    Hope that helps,

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