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Thread: Lough Sheelin

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    On Sheelin last night, Another Blank, the was plenty of fly around and a few fish rising but no great stir of feeding trout - will try again at the weekend

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    Had a friend fishing it last week out of Crover house, must have had some huge hatches by the sound of it reminiscent of the early 90's. I'ts tough fishing when there are that many spent on the water the chances of yours being selected are slim. Some big fish to be had for sure if you are lucky enough. I remember fishing until midnight once to catch my first fish of the day, 1lb it was,
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    I was on Sheelin on Saturday evening, also out of Crover. There was a massive amount of gnat on the water in the lee of Carreg quite early (8ish) but a change in breeze direction seemed to kill it. We went back towards the harbour and sat as the light faded. About 10:30 a very few fish came up and seemed to be moving fast, rising four or five times in quick succession then going down.
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    Forgot to update this.

    Fished out of Crover June 20th. 3 trout, two over 4lb on dry green mayfly pattern, one small. Lost one 10lb apprx. Fishing dry's blind all day as what fish rose did not stay on the top.
    First fish caught just before lunch, second around 4pm. Lost the big one around 6pm, did not stay out much longer after I lost him.

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