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    Default Slovenia - Soca 2017

    Dear friends,

    I wrote a short report about my first fishing trip on this year in Slovenia.
    April 2017 Slovenia Soca River - Fly Tying
    For those interested: fishing licences are from 60eur/day on Soca and tributary like Indijca and Lepena.
    Usually this part of Slovenia is the most expensive when we talk about licences.
    Fish: mainly big rainbow trout, very rare brown trout in upper part of Indijca. Marble trout and grayling.
    A lot of fish are stocked , in 3 days I never had a fish under 30cm and for an ecosystem I consider this strange...
    Place to sleep - just browse Booking and you will find apartments from 20eur/night /person. Nice, clean and enjoyable.
    My advice:
    -avoid weekends
    -fish carefully with micro nymphs and you will have nice fish
    -early in the morning and late in evenings just use big streamers - for big fish
    -dry fly fishing is productive if is cloudy outside
    -fish tributary rivers, will make your days


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    Default Re: Slovenia - Soca 2017

    Beautiful, definitely on my list to go here soon.

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    Default Re: Slovenia - Soca 2017

    Great report + pictures

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    Default Re: Slovenia - Soca 2017

    Greetings! Is this public access or private guided access only? I will be in Italy in early April for two weeks. I was considering a trip to Slovenia for a couple of days if I have time. I will be in Florence for a few days then Venice. Starting and finishing our trip in Rome.

    Cheers! Kevin
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    Default Re: Slovenia - Soca 2017

    Thanks Lucian, great report & photographs together with details of your tyings.
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    Default Re: Slovenia - Soca 2017

    By the way Lucian, ditto to blithfield2 on the fly tying! I've copied your links and shared with members of the US sister forum ( Beautiful ties!

    "If God had intended for man to only fish on weekends, He would never have created the other five days of the week."

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    Default Re: Slovenia - Soca 2017

    Video recorded in Slovenia

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