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    Lough Conn is not much better, Whatever rises seems to be below keeping size. After June very few boats out. Maybe this is a clue as to what is happening, friend of mine comes in and shows me a 14” trout with a roach part digested half its size that popped out of its mouth. Another clue from a reliable source, someone had a fish finder and was shocked to see hundreds of large fish in the deep trench at the top end of the lake. He thought they were salmon, I suggest that these are large trout, having grown to a large size from eating the thousands of roach and perch in the Lough. It would explain the change in feeding habits, traditional Irish drift fly fishing will only rarely catch these. No one fishes here at dusk, most fishermen have gone home by five o’clock. The people who troll for salmon pick some of these big fish up. Very few salmon are caught by fly these days. The trolling brigade have caught around 100 fish this season that is tagged fish not imaginary fish. Alternative reality seems to click in in this part of the World, almost as bad as Trump!
    Conn is a shadow of its former self! Even my wife kayaking around the islands listened to a guide apologizing profusely for the poor fishing. At least he was being honest not the usual, you should have been here yesterday!
    As a summary I would suggest that the fish are still there but a change in tactics is necessary, using zonkers as it goes dark or more simply throwing out a dead bait in the dark from the shore!
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    Just as an addendum, Lough Conn has been saved to some extent by improvements in sewage systems and ironically by the stripped zebra mussel. The water has little turbidity, plenty of crayfish until those foreign crayfish spread across Ireland. There are stricken rules pertaining to sillage, fine if the farmers behave!

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