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Thread: Lough Carra

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    Last week, I left a boat on Carra, I now live close by, so while I wait for a berth in Cushlough on Mask, I may as well try Carra.
    I fished Carra a few times, but that was a more than a decade ago now, the main change I noted when I was out last week for the evening is that the Mayfly is all but gone.

    So the question I have to anyone thats willing to share is:

    What is the best time , method (Dry or Wet) and location for fishing?

    Looking forward to hearing from someone soon!

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    I haven't fished it in a long time but some of the best spots were Quinn's, Church Island, Moorehall, Casltecarra, Kilkeeran shore, the twins.
    There was a very good article in Total Flyfisher magazine a year or two ago by Tom Doc Sullivan about fishing the lake in July - i might still have it in the mountain of old magazines lying about ! It was about having decent wet fly fishing in July when Mask and Corrib can be quiet. Not sure if there is still Murrough fishing in June on the lake.

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    Was out on Carra July 5th for the last 2 hours of light, no joy. Fished down the south of the lake, out from Brownstown and turn left headed for Ballinrobe i guess, little or no fly, seen a couple of fish rise once.. Disappointing to say the least. Anyone else out?

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    Hi Niall, as you know i have fished Carra over the years and i have seen a huge transformation in the lake both from bog drainage and agricultural enrichment.The character of the lake has changed, its losing its bright marl bottom to weed...The trouts feeding habits have changed they are no longer the free rising fish of years ago. It has become a late evening early morning lough, you will work for your fish but it does have a good head of fish. i remember the long weekend of the good friday agreement having 100 fish to the boat to 3.75 lbs in 3 days.Going out from Castle Carra Try Quinns bay and Heneghans Bay around Church Isl.From Brownstown go to the Twins, Church Isl. and Annies shore...Hope this helps
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