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    Default Lough Mask Today - Expect The Worst

    One of the local Lough Mask fisherman has been reported missing on Lough Mask, having went out yesterday and not returned. His car is still in the car park.

    About 3pm yesterday very high winds blew up, when it is known that he was out fishing.

    The weather's so rough today that the rescue services are not allowing anglers to go out in their own boats to help in the search. There's a helicopter and rescue R.I.B. out searching.

    I won't name him until the search and rescue is completed, but it's very sad indeed, as he's a well known local angler.

    Here's hoping he's made it onto one of the islands and will be found safe and well.

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    Default Re: Lough Mask Today - Expect The Worst

    Update noon today - Search and rescue have found the missing angler's boat on Lough Mask but no sign of the angler. The boat was upright and not swamped with only one of the oars missing.

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    Default Re: Lough Mask Today - Expect The Worst

    Not sounding too great for him - water temp will be very low at this time of year.
    A terrible tragedy if it ends badly.
    When all else fails , a running kick in the b0ll0x will often work wonders !!!

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    Default Re: Lough Mask Today - Expect The Worst

    It's in the news now, although he's still unnamed. This article says he's in his 70's but it's my understanding that he's actually 80 years old. Although I know him, I don't know his exact age.

    Coast Guard searching for missing fisherman on Lough Mask

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    Default Re: Lough Mask Today - Expect The Worst

    Update today from Connaught Telegraph

    CALMER weather today has allowed for the full resumption of the search for the veteran Lough Mask fisherman who has been missing since Friday last.

    The angler has been named locally as Sean Maloney (78) who is very well known in angling and boatman circles.

    Mr. Maloney’s boat, which contained his fishing rod and lifejacket, was found on Saturday.

    There were no signs, however, of the owner. It is believed he may have fallen overboard in choppy weather conditions.

    Gardai have confirmed that Mr. Maloney, a keen angler, went fishing most days during the trout season, and was alone on Friday when he got into difficulties.

    The alarm was raised on Friday evening when he failed to return from a long day’s fishing in the Cushlough Bay area of the 22,000 acre waterway.

    The alarm was raised on Friday night and the Coastguard, Community Rescue Boats Ireland (CRBI) and gardaí are again involved in today’s search.

    Sunday’s search was confined to the shoreline due to adverse weather conditions.

    Lough Mask/Corrib Rescue posted the following message on their Facebook page on Sunday: “Looks like weather will be better in the morning to resume the water search and it will be ongoing weather permitting.

    “Thanks to everyone who took part over the weekend and for all the messages of support”.

    Garda Superintendent Joe Doherty, who visited the search scene over the weekend, said that civilians and other anglers had responded to the callout for search volunteers in large numbers and he thanked them for doing so.

    The search parties included members of the missing man’s family.

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    Default Re: Lough Mask Today - Expect The Worst

    Really gutted as I 've just found out about my good friend Sean.A group of us have been going to Lough Mask for years,initially hiring Sean as our ghillie.After he won a new boat in a competition he would lend us his other boat free of charge if he was with another angler and couldn't take us out.Over the years some of us would tie him flies,build him a new rod,invite him for tea but we could never repay the kindness he showed us.He knew Lough Mask like the back of his hand often taking us into barely accessible areas of the lough where other boats daren't try to get to,often resulting in good fish.To his family and all the anglers at Cushlough,I'm truly sorry for your loss.Sean was a great man with a heart of gold and will be sadly missed.The only consolation I have is that he was doing something he loved when he passed.Thanks for everything Sean

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