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    Default Fishing on the dordogne and pointers please?

    Hi all,

    I am planning to be in Lot in May and I'd like to fish the Dordogne. Does anyone have any info about fishing the Dordogne. I am going to get a Carte de Peche for Lot. Do I need any other permits to fish the river. Also if anyone can point me in the right direction of where its good for fly fishing or for some of the tributaries, I'd really appreciate the help.


    Goatfish aka Phill

    A Sussex river fisher: Teise, Medway and occasionally the lovely Darrent.

    Great challenging fly fishing with the chance of grayling in the winter time

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    Default Re: Fishing on the dordogne and pointers please?

    have you checked these out
    Fly fishing in France, on the upper Dordogne

    Fishing in the Dordogne Valley, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

    maybe just drop them an email and pick there brains

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    Default Re: Fishing on the dordogne and pointers please?

    I stopped at Bergerac many years ago . I fished the Dordogne couldn't get over how clear it was for such a big river . Fish seemed very spooky to. Wonderful big river with some big fish . Sadly can't offer any up to date info but am envious I have some good memories I reckon its 20 yrs since I have been .

    O M W

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    Default Re: Fishing on the dordogne and pointers please?

    Hi Goatfish,
    the upper vezere river has trout and a few of the upper tributaries of the dordogne. But if you are in Lot it might be a bit of a drive and tough finding trout. The river has loads of species of fish so i normally just float fish with some maggots with the kids. i have caught trout in the upper river (miles away from you!) but they are hard to find. im all for going solo but if you want to find trout in that area a guide might be the only proposition. We love catching all the other species as they are exotic for us as we only have trout and salmon in my local rivers in Ireland!
    I do know the dordogne well as grew up in France for the summers! Still return occasionally.
    you dont really need any more permissions to fish as long as you have a carte de peche for the region.
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