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    Default Opening Day 2010 Disaster

    I'm in mourning.

    As I was stuck in Rome this weekend, decided to go to the Fly-only C&R stretch of the Aniene to officially open my trout season, seeing as it was the nearest Class "A" river. I'd been following reports on river conditions, and although it was still running high and colored, I decided to go anyway, if only to do some nymphing.

    I arrived at about 7 a.m. only to see hordes of bait fishermen, almost shoulder to shoulder, all along the banks. Huh?! I discover too late that the Fly-only C&R stretch NO LONGER EXISTS! Aaaarrrggghhh !

    I stuck around for an hour or so, even made a few casts, but it was hopeless. Previously, the rules were 30 meters between anglers and one barbless fly only, now it was, "Hey, look, he's trying that hole, maybe I'll just drop my maggot in there too." BTW, maggots are not allowed on Class "A" rivers, but try telling that to the bait fishermen.

    Stocked brownies were being caught -- at least we haven't yet descended to the ultimate insult of stocked rainbows -- and I saw more than one undersized fish being kept. Before, the minimum size limit was 35 cm, now it's 20, stockies were running around 25, so the small ones -- some were positively tiny at about 10 cm -- being bashed on the head must have been wild trout.

    In the end I couldn't take it any longer. I left. I don't think I'll go back to the Aniene any time soon. There's also a lot of anger on the various Italian fly-fishing forums, and dark hints are being dropped of political wheeling-dealing and moneyed interests.

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    When in Rome ......................!

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