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Thread: Lough Corrib

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    Been out today from 10.30 until 3.00 (Doorus). Lovely warm South wind strong enough to put up a decent wave. I had 3, all keepers with the biggest just about 2lbs, but only kept one for eating.

    All were caught on size 12 dabblers. The first 2 on a sooty olive dabbler and the 3rd on a dark olive dabbler.

    With the amount of mayfly shuck on the water and the lack of rising fish, they must have been taking the mayfly nymph.

    Roll on tomorrow for another go.

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    Been on Corrib North and South of Rabbit Island today and yesterday. Had 3 keepers between 2 of us. Seen plenty mayfly today but no fish taking them. All 3 fish on dry patterns of mayfly and olives.Heard there was fish been taken on buzzers but I never fish them. Wet flies were useless. Boats moving all day.

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    Any further updates from the last few days? Doesn't sound like the fish have turned fully on to the mayfly yet.... I'm on Corrib (around Doorus) for 3 days from Friday. Slightly concerned about the weather being forecast but I've no choice as it's the only window I have. Any words of wisdom other than bring sun factor?

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    Just back from 3 days on Corrib - fished the Greenfields / Inishmacatreer area and one trip out to Inchagoill - Sunday was tough with very few Mayfly where we fished, and we had to fish hard for a couple of fish despite good weather conditions. Monday was better with a steady trickle of Mayfly in most areas and we had 17 trout between 1 and 2.5 pounds to the boat - all on dry Mayfly patterns. Tuesday was very hot and sunny but we managed 5 trout to the boat on dry Sedge and Mayfly patterns - lost a few fish too.

    Very sunny for the next few days - Buzzers may be the best option.
    When all else fails , a running kick in the b0ll0x will often work wonders !!!

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    Folks can anyone tell me about this "CAENIS" fishing??

    From what I know the following apply:

    • Early Start (on the lake by 5am)
    • Small flies size 18 and smaller?
    • Light gear, 4# weight line and <5lbs cast?
    • 1 fly per fluorocarbon cast?

    Can anybody add to the above?

    What conditions are required?

    Also, v important, where abouts does this hatch of fly happen, is it in deep or shallow water, reedy or rocky? I've heard of Saddle Island; does anyone know where that is?

    FYI: My boat is in Greenfields…

    Hoping to give it a throw some morning late next week.

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    The fly will hatch over any water under 10ft deep. But bigger hatches over shallow marly bottoms.
    I fished it last week and blanked, same set up as you described. Other years I have been more successful, I am up again next week so hoping for better luck.

    Its not easy fishing, and I think you might be better off going with Larry McCarty and learning from him, I have fished it for yrs and after last week I think I need a refresher course.

    So you need calm, cloudy conditions from 4am onwards to 7:30AM. Small flies, I fish one as with 3lb line it cant take many knots. I use an electric engine as you can not make any noise in the boat, and keep movement to a minimum. Wading from the shore is quite successful.
    Persevere and expect to blank, but you will see lots of fish feeding to keep you going.

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    According to Larry you don't need to go down to smaller than 16 or 18 but you do need a fine tippet. The Irish Angling Update reports one of Larry's guests having 85 trout over 5 days and they were seeing hundreds of fish but it's all over by 8am. They're then stuffed and in cloudless blue skies and no wave are very uncooperative for the rest of the day.
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    I usually tie my caenis patterns on a b160 side 14 hook. Looks more like a standard size 16, just wider gape. Really it probably represents a small cluster of fly. It's rarely refused if it's on the fishes lline. I usually use 2 flies, the bob is more of a sighted, tied a bit bigger on the same hook. I keep maybe 30 inches between the two flies. Otherwise can be hard to spot the tiny tail fly at 20 metres.. I use 4lb grandmax tippet. Think it's 0.13mm


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