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Thread: Trilene Knot

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    Default Trilene Knot

    Trilene knot

    Use: Tying on flies.

    Description: This knot has the advantage that the tippet is passed twice through the eye of the hook which is known to improve dramatically the performance of most knots used to attach flies to tippets. This knot and the Palomar are the two strongest knots for this purpose.


    1. Pass the end of the tippet twice through the eye of hook, holding open the loop just formed.

    2. Now pass the tag end of the tippet behind the standing end and wrap it round five time.

    3. Pass the tag end back and through between the line forming the wraps and the original loop.

    4. Moisten, tighten and trim the knot.

    Graphics of knots drawn by Tim Pegg of Thilmcraft Graphics. E-mail:

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    I like this knot and I think that there is a bit more to add in it's favour. It is reasonably easy to tie, but it's biggest asset is that it can be tied such that very little line has to be nipped off. ie when changing flies on a dropper you don't end up shortening the dropper too much.

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    A friend showed me this knot a few years ago and it's probably the most secure and strong knot that I've used. I struggle to use it on very small hooks though (more my eyesight than an issue with the knot).

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    This is my favourite knot - very strong.

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