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Thread: Orvis Knot

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    Default Orvis Knot

    Orvis knot

    Use: Tying on flies.

    Description: Another good knot but without quite the same degree of ultimate strength as the Trilene or Palomar knots.


    1. Pass the end of the tippet through the eye of the hook, then round the tippet and back through the loop that you have just made.

    2. Take the tag end and wrap it round the second loop twice.

    3. Now lubricate and tighten the knot.

    4. Finish by trimming the tag end.

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    Default Re: Orvis Knot

    Is the Orvis Knot really a strong knot, have you tested it? I've tied a similar knot (a sort of Davy Knot variation) and have been shock testing it, using 0.18mm (6.1lbs) Middy Lo-Viz line, against an Orvis Knot and it's proved to be consistently stronger. I'll not post a photo of my knot until I've tested it thoroughly 'in the field,' or should I say, at the reservoir. I needed a strong knot that, with my fading eyesight and my sausage-like fingers, was easy to tie and, so far, this knot fits the bill.
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    Default Re: Orvis Knot

    In Lefty Kreh's book "Fishing Knots" he lists it as the Orvis or Becker knot, page 112/113. I've been using for quite a few years now especially for attaching tippet to tippet rings and if I'm struggling to do a simple clinch or improved clinch (very cold fingers).
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    Default Re: Orvis Knot

    Happy New Year everybody.
    The Orvis knot is the only knot I use as I find it compact and strong.
    I call it the "doggy" knot as when tying it you always put the tag end through from behind.

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    The Orvis fly knot is strong and compact. But what I like one you get good with it, you can tie it so the rag end is very short. This preserves the length of the tippet as you change flies. With the strength of modern tippet materials, I don't worry so much as I did in the days of Nylorfi when Nylorfi 5X was 2.2 lbs breaking strength. Now 5X is close to 6 lbs so a few % points stranger or weaker doesn't bother me

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