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    Default The J Knot and Why I Use It (Now)

    Spent another 5 weeks in Tassie recently using 6lb nylon and 7lb fluorocarbon (separately!) on multi fly casts. Got more break offs than I could bear and all of the main line at a junction with a dropper. I know because the dropper remains attached. ie My 2 turn figure 8 knots were failing. Been using them for years. Yes, had failures before. No, my hands have not hardened with age. Time to explore an alternative - the J knot.

    On an inhospitable afternoon I tied and tested to destruction umpteen knots of each variety, including the old surgeon's knot I switched from 5 or more years ago. No question, the J knot wins. Used it for the rest of the trip and until tying it became hardly more trouble than the old knots. The secret lies in pinching and holding back each successive weave before the next is made. If you let the first pass (like a normal overhand knot) escape and turn you will finish up tying a three turn surgeons. Put another way, if it doesn't have a figure 8 shape before tightening, start again.

    Yes, there is another thread I could have add this to as a PS but it had degenerated into opinions sans experience. I'm not located in the arguments department which I believe is somewhere down the hall. Just reporting back from the field ok?


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    Default Re: The J Knot and Why I Use It (Now)

    Only when the last tree has been cut down, the last fish caught and the last river poisoned, will we realise, we cannot eat money.

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    Default Re: The J Knot and Why I Use It (Now)

    I know that as a double davy knot, when i tested it on droppers using scales and a steady pull it performed poorly?

    I use a 3 turn water knot or fo8 for convenience but a grinner for reliability when fishing for salmon and sea trout.


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