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    Default Figure of eight loops & figure of eight knots.

    I love the figure of eight knot.I find it very strong & reliable.I make my droppers like Kelly Gallup these days. Kelly uses a perfection loop .But i find a figure of eight loop faster & stronger.
    Drop Shot System and Sliding Dropper Loop - Guided Fly Fishing Madison River | Lodging | Kelly Galloup's Slide Inn
    I add a figure of eight to my main line as a stop knot for the dropper.Often once i have figured out what flies the fish want.I tie the flies back on using a figure of eight loop for my flies also.I find with the flies tied on with loops also i get fewer tangles & virtually no break-offs.The flies probably have more movement also.Any other figure of eight lovers out there.Cheers

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    Default Re: Figure of eight loops & figure of eight knots.

    I use a 3twn or fo8 for droppers, it might have been you that mentioned the loop on droppers last autumn? which I tried and liked and continued to use.

    The fo8 or 3twn is the simplist to tie and adequate but for sheer strength I'd always use a grinner/uni knot.


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    Default Re: Figure of eight loops & figure of eight knots.

    A big fan of the Fig of 8 for my droppers and for many will confirm on here.

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    Default Re: Figure of eight loops & figure of eight knots.

    Me too for droppers Galloup style, loops and dropperless style rigs.��


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