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    Default Lamson Litespeed V Micra 1.5

    Lamson Litespeed V Micra 1.5-3edde55d-dfaf-4429-be8e-7b8b70651079-jpgLamson Litespeed V Micra 1.5-b7869132-40d8-4eb2-91c9-25bdbea4fc35-jpgLamson Litespeed V Micra 1.5-fe20e798-12df-4aaf-a9d7-d598135551dc-jpgHi all

    Will surely regret it but selling my Lamson Litespeed V Micra 1.5, made for 3-4-5 wt, ideal for 4wt (5wt is ok but with limited backing or you’ll have to use gel spun)

    Reel in very good condition, will add pictures in the weekend. Comes with a WF4F line also in very good condition (no idea about the brand).

    Asking for 255 delivered

    The reel is in pristine condition save for the tiny little bit of gravel rash shown in the 3rd picture
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