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    Default Vosseler on Ebay (lots and lots of them...)

    We are no longer UK distributors for Vosseler products.

    Read the story here.

    Grab Yourself a bargain...

    Good riddance to them.


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    Have you thought this through Carl?
    You may not want to be remembered for flaming them as other manufacturers may be nervous about getting the same treatment from you if they fall foul...


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    Shouldn't this be in classifieds.

    Oh and welcome back Berlin.
    All done

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    Hell hath no fury like a distributor scorned.

    This should be in classifieds at the very least. Or deleted as spam.


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    does this mean I may see you over here sooner, rather than later

    All the best

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    As long as it's in the right section the world is OK.

    Glad to see the forum isn't controlled by the Nitpicking UberSection Police now. God forbid you should be allowed to decide for *yourself* whether to read the post as Spam, information of classifed!

    ... and for those Ubersection Police. This isn't selling. Its "public information broadcast" at present I haven't a single reel for*sale*. So it isn't spam or classifieds. however, people may like to know that the RRP of a Vosseler isn't set in Germany any more, It's set by them, on Ebay.

    Apologies for trying to point out that people will be able to save themselves a bit of cash.

    To those that own Vosselers, I'll no longer be looking after any warranty claims. Send em to the Muppet in Germany.



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    >>To those that own Vosselers, I'll no longer be looking after any warranty claims. Send em to the Muppet in Germany<<

    That does not fill me with confidence about buying anything from you in the future.

    Many people on this forum would buy from you because your name carries authority and weight...I would have expected you to continue to help anyone who has purchased from you..not dump them.

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    Roy, I don't care.

    At this particular moment I don't give a flying fart about anything. I've just wasted three years of my life.

    Those who I do business with *know* I'll stand by them. I bought every reel back I could from my customers to HELP them.

    You don't want to buy from me again? (have you?) I really don't mind.

    It's not me that's dumped on them. Vosseler have.


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    Why are they so cheap now? Was there a particularly large mark-up on them under the previous distribution system?

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    Default poor delivery from Germany

    Sorry to hear it finally came to a head Carl, I know you'd been let down time and time again with late delivery promises. Try not to be so bitter, although you spent 3 years building up the business, it's not the end of the world.

    Good Products though, and they were reasonably priced reels..

    oh well..

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