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    Default Re: PayPal GIFT - DO NOT ask for - or use!

    Quote Originally Posted by ohanzee View Post
    At the end of the day does it not boil down to leaving the choice with the buyer? i.e. if they feel they need the reassurance that the sender will send and the Post Office won't lose it they can pay paypal transaction fees.

    If paypal 'gift' is simply banned it suggests that members cannot be trusted on the one hand and on the other those untrustworthy members will continue in a very trustworthy way to swop and sell between themselves by email..leaving paypal, classifieds and buyers out of the equation.
    A lot of assumptions in this statement ,certainly not made by the forum.
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    Default Re: PayPal GIFT - DO NOT ask for - or use!

    Quote Originally Posted by Rob Edmunds View Post
    I think you are right, a printout of messages would not satisfy royal mail in the case of an insurance claim, they initially would refuse it and turn you down flat.

    However I strongly believe if you gave them examples of all messages detailing the sale, the advertisment and evidence of the transaction to the person in question then they would have to settle in your favour.

    It may take a few letters of complaint, and the threat of small claims court action before you achieved anything....but I'm convinced you would win.

    Failing that take them to court over their failure to pay the cost of the item ( esepically if you paid them for insurance)......remember the burden of proof in a civil court is "on the balance of probability " so 51%.

    Just because a company tells you that you are ineligible to claim it doesn't mean you should give up etc.....

    About 5 years ago I sold a camera for 300 through a photographic forum. It didn't arrive with the purchaser and I claimed fom the Post Office. I printed out the forum messages about the transaction and included them with my claim as proof of value. I had proof of postage and had taken extra insurance to cover the value. My claim was paid without any quibbling. They were quite happy to accept that the value was the amount it could be sold for on an open forum.
    It's only when you see a mosquito landing on your testicles that you realise that there is always a way to solve problems without using violence.

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    Default Re: PayPal GIFT - DO NOT ask for - or use!

    Just brought 2 lines from a member and paid Gift that was my choice
    also if the seller sends signed for then we are both covered or special delivery

    there are some doggy people around never come across one on here

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    Default Re: PayPal GIFT - DO NOT ask for - or use!

    Well said Mrtrout, let common sense prevail. as stated by others it isn't cheating PayPal as it is a service they offer.
    No real difference in legal terms than sending a cheque.


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