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    Default PayPal GIFT - DO NOT ask for - or use!

    PayPal Gift is for gifts. If you pay using PayPal Gift you lose your consumer rights of refunds / returns etc.

    We really do urge you not to pay this way and nor should the trader ask you to pay this way. By doing so they are cheating PayPal - so does that mean they will cheat you?

    Let the buyer beware.


    We ask members now not to advertise paypal gift in sales.If we see it we will delete the post/thread.This is in the interest of all members and to protect them and their money.
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    Default Re: PayPal GIFT - DO NOT ask for - or use!

    Cheating PayPal, some would argue they cheat everyone.. I sell something on eBay for example.. and pay a fee to ebay then I have to pay a fee to PayPal to get my money..

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    Default Re: PayPal GIFT - DO NOT ask for - or use!

    When buying on ebay i pay with my credit card this way I am covered both ways ( also get few extre days credit)
    lot sellers on here always like to be paid by paypal as a gift no one wants to buy the fees
    but then if you get a lot of S .... you are not covered
    risk you take

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    Default Re: PayPal GIFT - DO NOT ask for - or use!

    Having bought a few things from the classified on here, I have quite often paid via PP gift, but then again I always check the "provenance" of a seller beforehand. If it is a username I am not familiar with then I am more cautious & might ask a few questions. The amounts I have spent are not huge, perhaps a better maxim is do not pay by gift if the loss of the money will hurt you! If I was buying an expensive item (over 200) I would always collect & pay cash anyway, then I can check that all is in order. I travel a lot throughout the UK so can usually arrange my schedule around a "fishing" problem.

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    Default Re: PayPal GIFT - DO NOT ask for - or use!

    So is this a new classified rule ?

    If you are going that far then why not make it compulsory to use an insured tracked delivery service because that covers the seller in cases when they claim non receipt or damage and get refunded by is not always the seller that is a crook.

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    Default Re: PayPal GIFT - DO NOT ask for - or use!

    At the end of the day you can always pay the fees, I've a rod for sale at the moment and I asked for gift or buyer pays fees which would be an extra 4.43, it just gives the people I've dealt with on the forum who trust me a chance to save a couple of pound, I've also accepted and have paid for goods by bank transfer but then there's no protection there either.


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    Default Re: PayPal GIFT - DO NOT ask for - or use!

    Might as well ask for a bank transfer then. That way my heart won't be bleeding for PayPal
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    Default Re: PayPal GIFT - DO NOT ask for - or use!

    To be honest Ebay are the crooks rather than PayPal, I have little time for them to be honest. I've processed a lot of internet retail business through Paypal because it's so easy for people buying stuff rather than a 16 digit card number/expiry date/security number/Verified by Visa etc etc.

    I have always found PayPal themselves to be very good to deal with if you phone them up............. yeah they side with the buyer mostly but I have a policy that if you go straight to PayPal without contacting us and giving me a chance to make things right I will refund you instantly but you are barred (because you are almost certainly trying to get stuff for free), and that's happened maybe 4 times in 4 years.
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    Default Re: PayPal GIFT - DO NOT ask for - or use!

    How can you be cheating PayPal when they offer a friends or family payment service?
    Just use your loaf, trust is the word, if you're unsure don't use it.
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    Default Re: PayPal GIFT - DO NOT ask for - or use!

    Without trying to undermine the administrator I must say that it is a testament to the membership that trust is at the base of all transactions.

    I have bought and sold several items (spending three figure sums in a couple of instances) and have never encountered a problem.

    That's not to say that there aren't a few 'wronguns' operating here - in an ideal world I would prefer to undertake all transactions protected.

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