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    Default What Flies Can I Sell? ***Please read this!***

    I have noticed an increase in flies for sale.Thats fine all are welcome BUT.

    As per the forum rules, flies should be used and not new especially when there are boxes of them or boxes attached with sale of new flies.

    We all tie to replace old worn out flies for the new season but tying in dozens of the same flies gives another impression and in future we will delete them. A couple here and there of new or newish flies is fine but bulk stuff will be removed.

    We will leave what is there now but be aware in future if not within the rules they will be removed and we wont pm you as all the information is here in this post.

    As we saw yesterday sadly Harvey angling is closing and is a great loss to the industry and also the forum as they are great supporters and have for long time and will be missed and we wish you all the best and a big thankyou from us all here.

    This is a sign of the times where everyone is trying to make an extra buck and business,who pay tax and rates and also VAT if within the band and some avoid it claiming its only a hobby and covers the cost of materials.Thats fine if you wish to do it, but we will not encourage that on the forum so its used flies only with a couple of odd new flies.

    ALL new flies will be deleted.

    New flies are for trade members to sell on the forum.
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