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Thread: Admin please.

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    Default Admin please.

    Why is my thread on the salmon flies closed
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    Default Re: Admin please.


    They do that now new procedure if you need to change anything contact admin.

    Stops bumping

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    Default Re: Admin please.

    Can I just say a simple Pm to us is easier than clogging up the forum with these same question.We have explained it numerous times on the open forum.This is the second thread today with the same question.

    Maybe its worth members getting upto date with classified rules especially those who don't sell a lot and have not been on the forum for a while as things do change.

    Untill then,we close the threads automatically not only to stop bumping,but also to stop comments of great rod ,I have one and also reopening of threads which are 3 ,4 and more years old in classifieds where new members ask is it still for sale?Many reasons not just the bumping.

    Anyway until its fully automated,if you need to change price or add sold,PM me and ill do it for you.

    Also can I advise that when you are making your post to sell take the time to add all details you want as we will only change price and add sold not any other details.So making a thread on the bus to work just to get it on is not a good chance of a sale.
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