All new and surplus to requirements. Boxes included
The 2 boxes below are all doubles in sizes about 6-10. Just over 30 flies in each box. 20 each posted.
Salmon flies for sale-40487d07-87f6-4fdb-9c55-a78baec2ceca-jpg
Top box is new Wheatley like box with about 25 cascade and allys shrimp like flies in sizes 6-10
20 posted. Second box is wheatley box containing about 60 flies in sizes 6-12. 35 posted

Salmon flies for sale-8cee975d-3aad-4a9d-b5aa-ec495472db62-jpg
Final photo is of Robinson box with about 80 flies in sizes 6-12 50posted.Salmon flies for sale-4cfed4a7-06fe-4330-ab6f-ab9ce07c153e-jpg