Hi all

Following the classifieds rule change I now have a C+F Fly box with over 100 very lightly (once?) used fly patterns for same. These patterns are brilliant fish catchers and will cover almost all your needs for a full river season. There is a fairly even proportion of flies, ie 15-20 of each

Tungsten Nymphs - Mainly Hares Ears and Pheasant tails
CDC Olives - Jeremy Olives Plume tips size 16
F Flies - Size 16
Klinkhammers - Pink posts
CDC and Elk - Size 16
Griffiths Gnats - 14,16.18
Bubble Wing Caddis - size 16

So that's your Olive nymphs, Olive dries, Klink and Dink, Terrestrials and adult Sedges covered in one hit.

These flies are excellently tied and I came 9th and 13th in previous competitions on FF+FT and some of my flies were photographed and put up here by Rob Denson.

The C+F Box has 4 rows and 8 compartments and hasn't seen much action and would cost about 25 now

Looking for about 70, working out at less than 1 per fly and a free C+F box!

Please PM me and I can send a pic to your mobile, thanks .