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Thread: Fly box photos!

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    Default Fly box photos!

    Ladies and Gentleman,

    I thought I would start a post, apologies if its already been started elsewhere on the forum, where we members post photos of our fly boxes. It seems every day online I read another blog about "the one fly" which you must have in your box. How many one flies can there be?!

    Admittedly I am new to fly fishing, but I am fascinated by the different flies, the hatch and learning all about nature along my fish catching journey.

    So I thought I'd see what gets posted in response and try to start an open discussion (photos) about how to improve all our fly boxes so that we catch more fish. Maybe we uncover together "the one fly" we actually do all have in our box.

    So here is my current box of flies, one side dry flies, one side wet....

    Fly box photos!-img_0352-jpg

    Fly box photos!-img_0349-jpg
    Attached Images Attached Images Fly box photos!-img_0351-jpg 

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    Default Re: Fly box photos!

    Fly box photos!-img_0350-jpg

    Last photo from the wet fly side. I tried to take a few from each side to show the overall mix of size, form, colour etc. etc.

    So, please show me/us what you've got and let me know if there is anything you think is missing from my collection.


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