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    Angry Do any of the committee know?

    I mean, come on now... Uptomyknees asked nearly a fortnight ago and hasn't had one single reply yet, surely someone in the committee should be able to tell members whether there will be a John Watts competition in 2018, and if so, where and when it will be held. It has been quite a while since Flydresser magazine announced it wouldn't be Grafham this year but it would let us know the alternative venue soonest ... tempus fugit and we all need to do the planning.
    Or is there a bigger problem?

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    Default Re: Do any of the committee know?

    Saturday 25th August at Draycote
    i would like to agree with you but then we would both be wrong...

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    Default Re: Do any of the committee know?

    Apologies for not replying sooner, we have been working to try and recover the website. You are only up to your knees, I'm well over my eyebrows! The FDG is in fine shape but we are having issues with volunteers, so instead of the workload being shared out amongst many it is falling on a few to do everything.

    As stated the John Watts competition will be held at Draycote on the Saturday 25th of August. Due to Anglian water failing to honour our long standing booking we have had to move venues. The price remains the same at £180 for a team of four anglers. A meal will be provided in the clubhouse before the prizegiving. Please check your memberships and make sure you are currently a member before applying. Non members may fish but may not take part in the actual competition. Entry forms have gone out branch secretaries. If any individual wants an entry form please contact the competitions organiser Lee Hooper, his address is


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