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Thread: The Otters Tale

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    Default The Otters Tale

    From the publishers...

    Otters hold an almost unique place in the animal kingdom of the British Isles, being one of the very few creatures that give birth once every two years. They are the most secretive yet also the most popular mammals - they are found in every county but are so rarely seen that they have been raised to mythical status.

    In his lyrical account of the natural history of the otter, leading chalkstream conservationist Simon Cooper provides a unique insight into the life of these fascinating creatures.

    When Simon Cooper bought an abandoned water mill straddling a small chalkstream in southern England, little did he know that he would come to share the mill with a family of wild otters. Yet move in they did and, immersing himself in their daily routines and movements, he was able to observe them at close quarters and developed an extraordinarily close relationship with the family.


    Please do add a review of this book if you have read it. Thank you.
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    Default Re: The Otters Tale - the review

    I have just finished reading The Otters' Tale and have really enjoyed it I have to say. This is the tale of Kuschta and her family and the landscape they share as their home with the author.

    Simon Cooper is perhaps in a unique position to have written this book, living side-by-side as he does in a beautiful old mill house on an English chalk stream with an otter family sharing both the comfort of the mill workings as a place to rest, his grounds as part of their territory and using his beginners fly fishing pond as a very handy source of fat trout thank you very much.

    What I found particularly interesting was how he has been able to blend his own in-depth observations of the otter family who are the stars of the book, with his research based on the work of otter experts both current and past such as the diaries of the otter hunters of old. This has allowed the narrative to flow very naturally between observation, fact and to be able to paint in the gaps in the story being told, thereby painting an incredibly lucid picture of the trials and tribulations of being an otter. It's not all snoozing in holts and catching fish as the tales of abandoned pups, short life expectancy and the modern dangers of cars and roads. As for otters hunting rabbits - I had no idea and that is the beauty of this book, you will learn so much more than you thought you knew about this most enigmatic of creatures.

    A solid thumbs up from me.
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    Default Re: The Otters Tale

    I fully agree with all of Editor's comments.

    It interests me that game fishers have a soft spot for otters, while in the coarse fishing world they are still viewed as the antichrist. In this respect it's worth searching out a report posted on the excellent Avon Diary 2017 blog that shows what otters eat in the middle reaches of the Hampshire Avon. Maybe outside of heavily stocked stillwater commercial coarse / carp fisheries, the otter deserves a revised assessment. And for those stillwaters the answer is simple (not easy, simple); otter-proof fencing.
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