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    Default Domesday and Beyond - Memoirs of an Angling Historian

    From the publisher...

    The last book by Fred Buller MBE.

    Recognised as the foremost authority on the history of angling, this is Fred Bullerís last book, completed just before he died early in 2016.

    From the moment his teacher told him he had a talent, Fred Buller began writing. He never forgot his formative years and spent a lifetime of painstaking investigations into angling's past, often travelling the length and breadth of the land at home and abroad gathering facts and taking photographs which he stored, sometimes for years, until he could write a definitive piece on his given subject.

    Fred Buller has left us a wealth of knowledge in the pages of his many books and journal articles, which have been published at home and abroad and he greatly enjoyed compiling some of his favourite pieces for this book. Several pieces are published here for the first time, adding to a unique and invaluable record of angling life and achievement.

    Over 400 pages, profusely illustrated with colour and monochrome illustrations and line drawings, this is a most important work combining history and scholarship together with investigation and anecdote.


    Please do add a review if you have read this book. Thank you.

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    Default Re: Domesday and Beyond - Memoirs of an Angling Historian

    Don't need a leather bound one (but that would be cool!) but sounds like a great read: Latest News - Watermeadow Books - 0044 (0)7866 727943
    Fred Evans - White City, Oregon

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    Default Re: Domesday and Beyond - Memoirs of an Angling Historian

    Fred ,
    fred buller was a very nice man as a tackle dealer that I visited a few times .
    Last time I saw him he was Visiting Farlowes which is Londons last Traditional outfitter ,Fred buller and his wife were treated like royalty.
    Andy Wren
    Still fishing but slowly!

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    Default Book launch interest list.

    From the publisher....

    As the leather bound edition Fred Bullerís 'Domesday & Beyond' nears completion at the binders, we have been asked if there are plans to hold a book launch to celebrate this important work.

    Of course a normal book launch would have the author present to sign copies, but this is obviously not the case with this title. We are wondering whether those who have bought books or placed orders would be interested in coming to such an event.

    If it does go ahead, Fredís wife Margaret and other members of the family would attend and it would be my intention to invite other well-known people from the angling world.

    The venue would be The Landís End Pub, Twyford, Nr Reading and it would be held during May or early June.

    If there is sufficient positive response, I will go ahead and book the place. Please email me at if you would be interested.

    Anyone who orders a book would obviously save postage costs by collecting on the day
    Kirsty Hewitt
    Fish and Fly Ltd
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