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Thread: Live The Stream

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    I just watched “Live The Stream”...a film about Joe Humphreys.
    Beautifully shot, a remarkable man and truly uplifting to watch.
    Towards the end of the film, it shows him on opening day of the trout season... with a small group of friends- pre-opening evening food and happy hour, breakfast all together to start open day, hit a stream, then lunch, hit another stream then dinner... then a spot of night fishing... all at the age of 87... it was his 81st opening day fishing.... that really made me smile, never missed an opening day since the age of 6
    If you were to watch one ‘fishing’ film this year... then this should be it, I’m still smiling....

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    There is quite a lot of stuff from Joe Humphrey on Amazon Prime from time to time . I agree very enjoyable to watch

    O M W

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    Years ago I had a VHS which i watched repeatedly, called "Fly Fishing Success: Dry Fly Strategy with Joe Humphreys".

    Ever since, if/when my casting starts falling to pieces, I recall him saying "not this, not pushing thumb, just a squeeze.....just a squeeeeeze........."

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