We at the DFFA are always on the lookout for new members to join our small but friendly association.

Of course based around Draycote Reservoir we are a club of circa 40 members and take it from me the club is full of experienced fly fishers with centuries (yes centuries) of knowledge. The club meets for a social evening at The Dunchurch Club just once per month during the winter months when the reservoir is closed. These evening usually follows the line of a good natter a guest speaker (not always fishing related) and an update on the fishing scene.

Once the ressie opens a number of friendly competitions are organised and we also look to have a couple of day trips to other fisheries organised. Of course if this is not your bag then these are optional but being a member for coming up to 4 years joining this band of brothers is the best decision I've made since taking up FF.

If you are interested then PM me for more info.

Best rgds