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    Default BFCC Casting Meeting

    Bit cheeky putting this on this section, but hey our little club wants to meet all the guys and girls out there and I know this will get looked at more than anywhere else on the site, so please forgive me.

    Our next event will be here on Sat 11th july

    We will be casting the 5 and 7 weight events and, depending on wind direction, the T38.

    As you see we are also offering tuition and running the distance badge scheme so you can come along and find out what the BFCC is all about.

    Plenty of fun to be had and with just a few minutes tuition you will no doubt get your PB cast.
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    Hello matey,Do we have to bring any gear up or is it supplied?Cheers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Granty View Post
    Bit cheeky putting this on this section,
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    Yes - very and not welcome. Post in the correct forums please.


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